Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog Migration

Hello my lovelies! I am currently working on making the switch from Blogger to Wordpress. In the process we have made a new blog URL. You can now find us at evandtay.com!

How fancy are we??? I'm sorting through old posts, figuring out layouts, and updating widgets so there may be new changes everytime you pop over to see us, but make sure you update your bookmarks because we will no longer be posting here.

While I will never be a professional blogger, and we will probably never update as regularly as we should, I am going to try and take it more seriously. Write more, take better pictures...not present my life in list format all the time.

See you over there!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Highlights from this glorious weekend:

The weather was absolutely phenomenal. 

I got bubblegum ice cream! With a side of lemon custard. 

We went to see Iron Man 3. He's starting to look slightly old...but it doesn't stop him from being awesome. Plus I really love Pepper Potts. 

I planted three buckets of iris in the front yard and got very very dirty. Then I couldn't move afterwards. 

Taylor bought a lawnmower and made our front and backyard look less like a weed jungle. Seriously, it was a little bit out of control. 

We stopped our neighbors dog from chasing cats across the street. She was a sweetheart. 

There might have been some Sonic involved in our weekend meals. I can't quit corndogs, and I don't think I'm going to try. 

We hung Mortimer and Rosemarie. (Those are our deer heads, in care you weren't aware.)

Taylor had a gig at Bogarts. I didn't attend because of the aforementioned lack of being able to move. 

I watched 5 episodes of Ready For Love with Mom

Taylor gave me 12 embroidery patterns to make baby bibs for the little one growing inside of me. 


I made a gorgeous cake for mom that also happened to taste delicious. I can make some frosting ya'll. 

We went to CanCan for Mother's Day where everyone, except me, drank entirely too much. We also ordered one of every dessert on the dessert menu, which made me a gloriously happy camper.

Actual Conversations

E - Can I have a puppy?

T - Let's see how the baby goes first

E - You mean like if I don't kill our offspring I can have a puppy?

T - Yes, yes that's exactly what I mean

It's like a test run, if you can keep a baby alive you can definitely keep a puppy alive. His logic is undeniable.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

To my awesome Mom. Happy Mothers Day! Though we cannot be together today, we have a fun filled weekend to look forward to next weekend! I know I was a big pain in the butt growing up, so thank you for helping me survive my adolescence. Thanks for taking in stride times like when i tried to forge your signature in 3rd grade, or when I wanted to dye my hair blue. And I'm sure you loved the hours of band rehearsal in the basement. Thanks for your patience, and apparent deaf ears to bad punk music. I wouldn't be the same grown up today I am without you. Make sure dad treats you well today! I love you!


Happy Mothers Day Mumsieloo!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there, but particularly to my own. I don't know who I would have turned out to be if my Mom hadn't been around, but it definitely wouldn't be the awesome person I am today.

Moms always seem to be filled with good advice, here's just a bit of what mine has taught me over the past 24 years.
  • That picture you're about to hang? It's probably too high. 
  • You don't actually have to be good at small talk for people to think you are social, just smile and listen to them. They will fill the silence. 
  • Dance in the kitchen while you're waiting for the microwave, dance down the hallway on your way to make the bed, dance while you're waiting for the dogs to come back inside. But always check under the table for small children before you do so, otherwise they will scare the bejeebus out of you when they laugh at your shenanigans. 
  • Hardcover books are sacred and should be prized. 
  • Dessert should never be skipped and good chocolate makes all the difference. 
  • So does good vanilla extract.
  • If you're not sure about your outfit, change the accessories, they're probably the wrong color/vibe. 
  • Hold your knife and fork properly and chew with your mouth closed, otherwise you look like a barbarian. 
  • Bad reality tv is fascinating, and everyone secretly loves it. 
  • Spray paint can make pretty much anything look awesome. 
  • Everyone likes a handmade gift. 
  • It's important to have friends who have known you for a really long time, but making new ones isn't a bad thing. 
  • If you're going to throw a party, follow through with the decor. 
  • It's really not hard to be nice. Or a good person. Just stop being a cow. 

Next year I'll be a mom on Mothers Day and I'm super super glad I've had my mom as an example. 

Love you mumsieloo!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Links

Soooo I missed last week, and I have no excuse, I just forgot. Blame the baby. I do. For everything. Its pretty convenient. But enjoy the round up, its pretty random.

God I love cake
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These are so pretty! I want one.
Interesting series (photo above from here)
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Dude, whats wrong with being girly?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


By the way, the idea for the currently posts was stolen shamelessly from Sometimes Sweet.


Obsessing over…

Making our house a home. Though a lot of this seems to be a waiting game. Like we have to wait for the crib and the baby's gender to decorate the nursery. We have to wait for the bed and new mattress to set up the guest room. We have to wait to save monies to make a back deckish thing to put in a dog-door. I have to wait to coerce Taylor and Mom to sand and paint everything we own because no one will let me do it myself. We have to take another trip to IKEA to pick up organization for the pantry/new bedding. Guys, WHY CAN'T IT ALL JUST GET DONE NOW??? I have been slowly organizing closets, and I might unpack the last few boxes we shoved in the back room tonight/make Taylor hang up some pictures. 
Working on…

Taking apart the cabinet we got from Tay's parents to use as a baby changing table. It desperately needs a good sanding, some minor repairs, and a coat of paint. Unfortunately the screws to remove all of the doors and whatnot have been painted over three times - making this mildly difficult. 
Lunch at Cancan for Mothers Day with my family. Sadly I can't enjoy a mimosa this year, but it will still be tres fun!
I watched the entire first season of Prison Break on netflix. I think the fact that it took them 22 incredibly frustrating episodes to break out made me tired because I just can't muster the energy to continue watching more seasons.

Taylor also put our wedding CD on in my car (he was tired of my top 40's stations) and I've been listening to that on loop. I forgot how much hipster twangy music was on there. It makes me laugh a lot.


We spent this past weekend being horrendously unhealthy, so have been trying to make dinner this week. We had salmon Monday. And there is currently a potroast bubbling away for tonight. Not too shabby.

Also there have been lots of ice cream sandwiches, because those are delicious. 

There was more time in the world for naps.