Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Highlights from this glorious weekend:

The weather was absolutely phenomenal. 

I got bubblegum ice cream! With a side of lemon custard. 

We went to see Iron Man 3. He's starting to look slightly old...but it doesn't stop him from being awesome. Plus I really love Pepper Potts. 

I planted three buckets of iris in the front yard and got very very dirty. Then I couldn't move afterwards. 

Taylor bought a lawnmower and made our front and backyard look less like a weed jungle. Seriously, it was a little bit out of control. 

We stopped our neighbors dog from chasing cats across the street. She was a sweetheart. 

There might have been some Sonic involved in our weekend meals. I can't quit corndogs, and I don't think I'm going to try. 

We hung Mortimer and Rosemarie. (Those are our deer heads, in care you weren't aware.)

Taylor had a gig at Bogarts. I didn't attend because of the aforementioned lack of being able to move. 

I watched 5 episodes of Ready For Love with Mom

Taylor gave me 12 embroidery patterns to make baby bibs for the little one growing inside of me. 


I made a gorgeous cake for mom that also happened to taste delicious. I can make some frosting ya'll. 

We went to CanCan for Mother's Day where everyone, except me, drank entirely too much. We also ordered one of every dessert on the dessert menu, which made me a gloriously happy camper.

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