Wednesday, May 8, 2013


By the way, the idea for the currently posts was stolen shamelessly from Sometimes Sweet.


Obsessing over…

Making our house a home. Though a lot of this seems to be a waiting game. Like we have to wait for the crib and the baby's gender to decorate the nursery. We have to wait for the bed and new mattress to set up the guest room. We have to wait to save monies to make a back deckish thing to put in a dog-door. I have to wait to coerce Taylor and Mom to sand and paint everything we own because no one will let me do it myself. We have to take another trip to IKEA to pick up organization for the pantry/new bedding. Guys, WHY CAN'T IT ALL JUST GET DONE NOW??? I have been slowly organizing closets, and I might unpack the last few boxes we shoved in the back room tonight/make Taylor hang up some pictures. 
Working on…

Taking apart the cabinet we got from Tay's parents to use as a baby changing table. It desperately needs a good sanding, some minor repairs, and a coat of paint. Unfortunately the screws to remove all of the doors and whatnot have been painted over three times - making this mildly difficult. 
Lunch at Cancan for Mothers Day with my family. Sadly I can't enjoy a mimosa this year, but it will still be tres fun!
I watched the entire first season of Prison Break on netflix. I think the fact that it took them 22 incredibly frustrating episodes to break out made me tired because I just can't muster the energy to continue watching more seasons.

Taylor also put our wedding CD on in my car (he was tired of my top 40's stations) and I've been listening to that on loop. I forgot how much hipster twangy music was on there. It makes me laugh a lot.


We spent this past weekend being horrendously unhealthy, so have been trying to make dinner this week. We had salmon Monday. And there is currently a potroast bubbling away for tonight. Not too shabby.

Also there have been lots of ice cream sandwiches, because those are delicious. 

There was more time in the world for naps. 

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