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  1. Right, so why are you guys so awesome?
    1. Taylor - It's all in the glasses.
    2. Evelyn - We take awesome pills 2x a day. And by we I mean me. And by awesome pills I mean xanex.
  2. You own a zoo, surely you have a favorite?
    1. Taylor - I don't have a favorite, which obviously means Gidget. 
    2. Evelyn - It depends on my mood and the time of day.
  3. Where do you buy the clothes that lend you your pseudo hipster cred?
    1. Taylor - Hipster stores. 
    2. Evelyn - What hipster cred? I shop the Anthropologie sales racks.
  4. You're on death row, what would you ask for for your last meal?
    1. Taylor - Pizza. 
    2. Evelyn - Mashed potatoes and ice cream.
  5. What movie could you watch over and over again?
    1. Taylor - Great Escape
    2. Evelyn - Stardust
  6. You have so many random pieces of furniture in your house, which is your favorite?
    1. Taylor - The movie theater chairs that I spray painted thrift store green. 
    2. Evelyn - My hand me down leather couch, or the adorable formica table we bought together.
  7. Money is no option, where do you travel?
    1. Taylor - On an African Safari.
    2. Evelyn - Travel really just stresses me out.
  8. You plan to add to your tattoo collection?
    1. Taylor - Eventually I will have a half sleeve. 
    2. Evelyn - Taylor needs to get on designing me a librarian pin up girl and a cameo tattoo.
  9. Which celebrity would you like to meet?
    1. Taylor - Jimmy Page. 
    2. Evelyn - Bruce Willis or The Rock
  10. If the world was a box of crayons what color would you be?
    1. Taylor - Neon Carrot. 
    2. Evelyn - Tickle-me Pink
  11. What guilty pleasure tv show do you hide your love of from the world?
    1. Taylor - Busy World of Richard Scary
    2. Evelyn - Anything on the CW or ABC Family
  12. What is your all time favorite dessert?
    1. Taylor - JELLO
    2. Evelyn - Ice cream, or any sort of custard.
  13. Which animal do you think most personifies you?
    1. Taylor - Deer
    2. Evelyn - Cat
  14. While we all know mythical creatures actually do exist somewhere, which one would you most like to be a part of today's world?
    1. Taylor - Gargoyles
    2. Evelyn - Gnomes
  15. What does the future hold for your children?
    1. Taylor - Flying ice cream trucks. 
    2. Evelyn - Robots and barcodes. 

Should you find that none of those questions actually answer yours...feel free to email evandtay@gmail.com!

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