Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Links

So due to life events it was too much for Kristel and I to keep up another blog (she has like three that she does, and I obviously can't even keep this one updated...) Soooooooo since I got into the habit of collecting links through out the week that I thought were awesome I figure I'll share them here regularly. Yay interwebs links!

Love, Vengeance, Aliens, Time Travel, Dogs - Love this comic

Sharon Montrose - I am so in love with her and her job

It all looks so pretty! (And tasty)

Had this been around when I was in college my life would have been complete

Seriously, how can this blog not make you happy?

Or this blog - I want to be her so bad

They got funded! - This is one of Tay's best friend's brother's girlfriends

This made me laugh

It amazes me what people will make in a mug

Where would you be in England?

There's a whole website devoted to newborn zoo animals

Have a great weekend kiddos!

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