Monday, January 14, 2013

I give you...lists!

So I have like nine thousand million photos to share with you all, buuuuuuuuut I'm lazy and haven't put them on my computer yet. So instead of showing you all the awesome things we've done I'm going to go over my 24 before 24 list and make a new 25 before 25 list. You excited? I knew you would be!

Previous list -
  1. Get married - Accomplished!!!!!!!!
  2. Get pin-up girl tattoo - Changed my mind a bit about what I wanted. Got it designed, now I just have to get it tattooed. Seeing as getting a tattoo actually requires the ink this one is a fail. 
  3. Move into a house - This one is also a fail seeing as we are still living in an apartment. (For free through, thanks Dad!) We have a plan though, and hopefully things will actually go smoothly. (Again, THANKS DAD!)
  4. Learn basic embroidery - I took a class, I practiced with our wedding table numbers, this one is accomplished!!!! 
  5. Master chocolate chip cookies - Also accomplished!!! I am a big fan of the recipe on the back of the tollhouse chocolate chip bags. 
  6. Keep a pretty fridge - Fail. A pretty fridge requires groceries, which we NEVER have. 
  7. Finish my book - Fail. I don't think I even pretended to attempt this. 
  8. Do the DIYs I pin to pinterest -  I did some of them! So I count this as accomplished!!!  
  9. Learn to style my hair - So I went to a proper hair stylist and had her chop it all off so I can easily wear it down and curly. Some conditioning formula thrown into towel dried hair and I'm good to go. Maybe this doesn't technically count as styling my hair, but I'm still going to go with accomplished!!!
  10. Refinish vintage trunks - Taylor technically did this, but it still counts as accomplished! 
  11. Sew t-shirt quilt - Yeah, fail. 
  12. Write more letters - Accomplished!!! Not even counting all of the thank you cards I've written, I have become the postcard queen, AND I have become the penpal of a few lovely people. I enjoy it immensely, so if you want to be my penpal too just let me know!
  13. Complete Lego Star Wars on the wii - I actually am not entirely sure where this game is, we also got an xbox as a wedding gift which won out over the wii in the fight to be connected to the TV. Fail. 
  14. Maintain a daily journal - I was doing SO WELL. But have since totally failed at this. 
  15. Take more pictures - Holy jesus do we ever take a ton of pictures. Between my phone, the instax camera, disposable cameras I periodically make Tay buy, and the digital camera Tay's parentals got us for Christmas this was truly accomplished. 
  16. Take "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" to heart - Ummm, I would like to believe I became a nicer person this year, but I can definitely say I am not the type to say nothing at all. Sadly a fail. 
  17. Sew skirts and dresses - Fail. My sewing machine is sad and underused. 
  18. Learn to like a non starch vegetable- Asparagus, broccoli, peas, green beans, carrots, spinach. I'm going to count this as accomplished!!! And never think about it again. 
  19. Find some form of exercise - Yeah....exercise really isn't my thing. Fail. 
  20. Finish knitting the scarf I've had laying around for two years - Hahahahaha, fail. 
  21. Put all the random ephemera I collect into a smash journal - The issue with this is its a constant thing that will never truly be finished, but I do it, so its being counted as accomplished! 
  22. Start rental company with Mom - Accomplished!!! We are awesome! 
  23. Roadtrip with Taylor a few times - We went to Kentucky, we basically lived in Pennsylvania, we went to North Carolina. Accomplished!!! 
  24. Turn wardrobe completely into dresses and skirts - I did this, and then just recently bought a couple of pairs of skinny jeans. Going to count as accomplished and then say that jeans aren't necessarily a bad thing. 
Overall not too bad eh? I accomplished more than I failed and while it would have been ideal to have accomplished all of them, I think that is a tad bit unrealistic with some of them. I mean really, how much sewing did I think I was going to get done in the same year I got married and started a new company?

So now for the new and improved EVEN LONGER list. Funny how the length of time stays the same but the amount we expect to get done as we get older gets larger. 

New List - 
  1. Move into a house - I have this insane rule where I won't use anything we got for our wedding until we have a new house. Its like a slow torture knowing we have nice things and not being able to use them. Also, I would kill someone for a dog door. 
  2. Plan one free date night a month - Who says you have to spend a lot of money to go on a date? I am going to go home and plan 12 FREE dates for Tay and I. 
  3. Commit to the ink - Its all designed, just gotta find someone to put it on my skin. 
  4. Make 12 different ice cream flavors - I love making ice cream! Its so easy. And I have like nine million recipes pinned. 
  5. Compile important dates and addresses - Guess who's going to be making a new Google calendar???
  6. Finish that damn scarf - Seriously.
  7. Organize all of my digital pictures - And find a way to safely back them up. And back up the back up. Maybe print them out? Either way, organize them!
  8. Meal planning and grocery shopping - Taylor does all the cooking, the least I could do is the planning and prep work. 
  9. Get out of credit card debt - And stay out of it. We do this weird rollercoaster where we pay it off and then rack it back up. We aren't really irresponsible with money, but we could be more consistent. 
  10. Take the dogs for a walk once a week - Everyone wins with this one! And it keeps Pumpkin from getting fat, which is bad bad bad for a daschund. 
  11. Garden - Grow something, ANYTHING, without killing it. Raspberry bushes would be an ideal choice. 
  12. Spend all of the gift cards I have - Its money that you don't have to feel guilty about spending...actually, I don't understand why I haven't spent them all already...
  13. Foster a rescue animal - Though only once because chances are we won't let whatever we foster go. 
  14. Make bucketloads of teacup bracelets - Its like the one craft I love to do. I'm going to make Tay buy me a tile saw. 
  15. Go to a VMFA exhibit - I can pretend to be cultured can't I?
  16. Develop a morning routine - Maybe if I have something to look forward to I won't hate mornings so much?
  17. Throw a party - For any reason at all. 
  18. Learn to make some cute origami shapes - Fun with folded paper!
  19. Start a book club - Where we only read happy books. 
  20. Go for a train ride - I love train rides! I don't even care where we take the train to. 
  21. Frame all of our prints - We have collected a bunch of cool stuff for our walls, we just have to put em all in frames and stick em up!
  22. Refinish all of the secondhand furniture we have - No better way to make thing look fresh and new than a lovely coat of paint! 
  23. Make marshmallows - I've wanted to do this forever, its a must. 
  24. Leave cute notes around town - Cuz who wouldn't want to find a cheerful note?
  25. Get preggerz - No one is surprised at this one eh? Baby fever! 
I'm gonna do em all this time! Watch me! What would be on your list?? (I see you creeping, leave a comment people!)


  1. NOT CREEPILY STALKING, but Taylor linked me to this and I feel compelled to tell you that I can help you with #18 like whoa. My brother was living in Japan when I was like 10-16, so I got a lot of origami paper and books. I know exactly where they are (under my bed) and I would love to get it all out and fold the shit out of stuff while watching a movie. I can also help you with #23 if just to tell you that it is very easy and takes no time! Aaaaaaand I also have a really good system for meal planning?? I dunno, I am crazy about yearly goal lists too.

    1. Ah! You're our first comment EVER!

      I'm totally down with origami folding while watching a movie. And any meal planning tips would be greatly appreciated1