Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's to the New Year

I hope everyone's holidays were absolutely fantastic! We spent them with an overdose of family, which was lovely, and now its a new year. Time to make resolutions to break as quickly as possible!

Mom asked me this morning what my resolutions were and my response was "buy a house and have a baby."

Apparently that's not the point of resolutions, apparently you are supposed to have a list of things to make you a better person that you will very quickly not follow. So here goes:

  • I will be organized. From my email inbox to the tupperware under the bed I will get everything under control and happily organized. 
  • I will eat healthier. It seems red dye number 4 and all those ingredients no one can ever pronounce aren't good for you. Also, I've been told you shouldn't live entirely off a diet of starch. 
  • I will let go of the little things. Because really, who needs the extra stress. 
  • I will write more letters. To everyone. All the time. Because I will have all of your addresses organized!
What are your resolutions?

Picture from a bathroom at Pasture where Taylor and I went to dinner on New Years Eve!

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