Friday, December 28, 2012

The Interwebs

There are some awesome things that live online.

For example there was Snail Mail My Email which my mom and I volunteered to write letters for. I sent one to Taylor. The letter writer who did that one did an amazing job.

Then there is The Listserve which is my current obsession. I was super excited when I got the first email. It came all the way from someone in Australia. She wrote about following her dreams. Its interesting to get an inside look at a strangers thought process. She included a poem at the end of her email that I thought I'd tack on here.

I tried to forget

But you grew roots around my ribcage

And sprouted flowers

Just below my collarbones.

All day I pluck at their petals

But I have not yet ascertained

Whether you love me

Or not.

                                - Anna Peters

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