Sunday, June 24, 2012

Netflix Addicts

Taylor and I don't have cable. I would say its because we are enlightened and don't care about such mindless things as TV shows. But really its because we don't have a key to the basement of our apartment and as such none of the cable companies could set up service for us. So instead we use Netflix through the internet we get from our phone line. (Yes, we are living in the early 2000's.)

I thought I would throw together a quick list of our current favorite shows to marathon. Both Taylor and I have COMPLETELY different tastes when it comes to TV so the shows are broken down into three lists.

Taylor's Faves:

Evelyn's Faves:

Overlapping Faves:

As you can see Taylor prefers his shows to have a bit more thought put into them. I just like a show chock full of characters I can yell at when they keep hooking up with the wrong people. Or where stuff blows up. 

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