Monday, June 25, 2012

30 for 30

I made a 29 before 29 list at the beginning of the year, but didn't exactly get a jump on it, so I convinced Ev to let me add a 30th and make it a 30 before 30 list. I swear, I'm going to at least try to accomplish all of these! Some, I've already made progress on.

1. Lose 40 pounds - Should work harder on this.
2. Run a 10k - This training goes with the losing of 40 pounds.
3. Run a warrior dash/mud run - These just seem awesome.
4. Plant and maintain an herb garden
5. Own a house
6. Get married - Happening soon!
7. Design a product of sorts - Actually did this! I would like to do a ton more though!
8. Go tubing down the james
9. Visit 2 new states - West Virginia and Kentucky were let downs, but i did accomplish this!
10. Record a solo EP
11. Learn to play basic mandolin
12. Climb a mountain (doesn't have to be big)
13. Create a mini-silkscreening studio
14. Play a show in front of 250+ people - i think we've topped out at about 100
15. Add 25 record to my collection for under 50 bucks total - Added 5
16. Learn how to take good digital photography
17. Learn how to make over 30 bar drinks, and keep a stocked bar - Going to start a feature on the blog for this one!
18. Take at least 5 yoga classes
19. Write and illustrate a childrens book
20. Do Karaoke
21. Learn all of the lyrics to one rap song by heart
22. Try 29 new beers - Going to include this on the blog as well!
23. Build a snowman, and an igloo - Need snow for this one.
24. Test drive a car I cant afford
25. Paint a giant painting
26. Go boogie boarding
27. Haggle at a flea market
28. Kick a 25 yard field goal
29. Make 15 free-throws in a row
30. Go Snorkeling.

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