Saturday, June 23, 2012

Revisiting the 24 before 24 list

So I thought I would do a quick re-evaluation of my life goals list. Because I think its important to keep reminding yourself of things you're failing at. 

24 Before 24 List
  1. Get married - duh Still have to wait until October for this one, but I'm pretty confident it will be achieved! 
  2. Get pin-up girl tattoo - Tay is going to design it! I'm super excited. Gonna be the coolest mom at the PTA Turns out I have decided to go in a completely different direction from a pin-up. And it is already designed, but I do believe my mother will kill me if I get this done before the wedding, sooo I must cool my jets until Novemberish. 
  3. Move into a house - Can we talk about how over landlords I am? Finding a house is kind of a pain in the ass. Particularly when you're cheap like Tay and I are. And when you aren't really devoting that much time to it. 
  4. Learn basic embroidery - Cuz I wanna be a well rounded housewife DONE!!!!!! I now know all of the basic stitches, and I'm not too shabby at it. In fact, if you visit mom's house in the future you might just find something I have embroidered. 
  5. Master chocolate chip cookies - I swear I can never get them to bake up properly DONE!!!!!! Turns out when they tell you to let your butter come to room temperature its not just a suggestion.
  6. Keep a pretty fridge - I suppose I should start with cleaning it... Yeah still kind of slacking on this one. I just don't seem to care that much. 
  7. Finish my book - Seriously, I have the whole plot, just have to write it! I may just replace this one with something else...
  8. Do the DIYs I pin to pinterest - Otherwise whats the point in saving them? I'm going to count this one as DONE due to all the wedding DIY's we've done, as well as the multiple recipes I've made off of my pins. 
  9. Learn to style my hair - Should possibly invest in a brush, and a curling iron I really just want to cut all of my hair off...
  10. Refinish vintage trunks - So they can actually be used as storage We refinished one! And then my mom stole it. I'm still going to count it as DONE!!!
  11. Sew t-shirt quilt - Or donate all the tshirts that no longer fit There is a snowballs chance in hell of this happening before the wedding. 
  12. Write more letters - Who doesn't like receiving snail mail? DONE!!!!! I have written buckets of letters and postcards, and plan to keep it up for the foreseeable future. 
  13. Complete Lego Star Wars on the wii The wii has become solely used for Netflix. I will work on changing this. 
  14. Maintain a daily journal - Mom bought me an awesome one for Christmas While I sometimes catch up on said journal weeks at a time, every date has an entry. And that's what counts right?
  15. Take more pictures - With the awesome instax camera my parents gave me for Christmas and the digital one they gave me for my birthday last year. Have fallen a little bit in love with my Instax camera, am going to buy another film camera, and once I unearth my digital camera maybe the blog won't just be instagram photos. 
  16. Take "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" to heart - This will be hard I honestly forgot this was a I would say I'm failing at it. 
  17. Sew skirts and dresses - I have so many patterns and fabric already Failing at this as well. 
  18. Learn to like a non starch vegetable - Tomatoes are a fruit and don't count Asparagus, broccoli, peas, green beans, carrots, spinach. I'm going to count this as DONE!!! And never think about it again. 
  19. Find some form of exercise We stole a treadmill from Whitney and Jason, which I actually use. So while I won't count this as done until I have more of a routine, I'm at least making progress. 
  20. Finish knitting the scarf I've had laying around for two years I'm going to do this if it kills me. (Which means I will be a knitting fool come the last week of December.)
  21. Put all the random ephemera I collect into a smash journal Doing fairly well at this, and I actually love it. 
  22. Start rental company with Mom - Yay for an excuse to live at estate sales and thrift stores Booth for the next bridal showcase rented, we'll see how it goes. 
  23. Roadtrip with Taylor a few times Kentucky, PA x2 and NJ and SC later this summer? Counting this as DONE!!!
  24. Turn wardrobe completely into dresses and skirts - I feel so much more confident when I'm not in jeans I bought a pair of red jeans, which are awesome, but mostly I wear skirts and dresses. So I'm counting this as DONE!!!
All in all, not too shabby! And I still have seven month to go, so you know, I might actually accomplish all of this. You never know! 

Did you know Taylor has a list too? He will be posting it soon!

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