Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We managed to cram quite a bit into this weekend. Most of it involved drinking. Highlights below. Pictures included. You know the drill.

Taylor's band had a gig at Current

My parents came along. We ate burgers and Dad and I got drunk while Mom and I judged people. It was awesome. 

I've decided to start keeping all of the wrist bands I get from these things. (Not really)

I made coconut chocolate chip waffles. They were totally on the diet plan. 

We went to the Wine Expo with Kristel and Jay. Tay and I picked up a bottle of cider.


We went to DC to see Mike and Will - two of Taylor's wedding party. (We saw Kym, Nicole, and Jori too!)

I met Will's snake Dils who is more photogenic than I am in this picture. She was a sweetheart.

We ate yummy pizza at Pizza Paradiso. I recommend the four cheese pizza.

We went bowling. I got two strikes and broke 100 on my second game. My norm is like 60, so I was pretty excited. 

We stayed up late playing the grown up version of apples to apples (which Tay won) and generally having a good time. 

Taylor started work on the design for the wedding website and the save the dates!