Monday, February 27, 2012

Surgery Today!

Hi All! When this posts I will probably be in the midst of having my freakishly large salivary glands removed. About two hours into said surgery in fact. I would promise to text all of you when I get out of surgery but the chances of that happening are zero. I will be on bucketloads of drugs and drugs make me an odd odd person. Odder than I normally am. So if you want updates I suggest you contact Taylor or my mom. But try not to harass them until about two as they will have their hands full dealing with me until then. Seriously, I do not do well in hospitals and on serious drugs. So give them some time to get me settled in.

As I will probably be on hardcore drugs for most of the week I have already scheduled some posts for you to enjoy while I am MIA. Because I'm awesome, and I love you. Also if you harass Taylor enough he might post his 29 before 29 list for you all. He's been a slacker on the blog lately.

Thank you guys so much for being so sweet and supportive while I've been dealing with the ongoing mystery of why my body hates me. I owe you all cupcakes.