Saturday, February 25, 2012

Apartment Makeover

Soooo the apartment is currently a disaster area. I keep swearing I am going to clean and organize and make it fantastic but then I am just overwhelmed by the vast amount of crap that has to be sorted through and placed in a space we can designate as its own.

Also I'm lazy.

However! I keep randomly making inroads with small little things. For example the space I set up in the corner of the bathroom for my jewelry. I had Taylor cut the head off of a rake my parents kindly donated to me, then hang it and one of the crates I scored in a craigslist deal, and now I have a perfectly organized perfectly adorable corner.

Now if the rest of the apartment could just fall into place we'd be set.

Just in case you were interested...the teacups were also a craigslist find, most of the brooches are estate sale finds, though a couple of them are from my mom or belonged to Taylor's great grandmother. The little tin in the bottom right corner was brought back from France by my friend Maize. The owl container in the top right corner holds all of my rings. The long brown necklaces on the left of the rake are apple seed necklaces - all three found at estate sales or antique stores for cheap cheap cheap. I LOVE them. I also love cameos...and there are a bunch in my collection. Three of the bracelets in the middle left box are bracelets my dad bought my mom on their honeymoon. I love things with a story behind them.