Saturday, January 14, 2012

Countdown to W-Day

Soooo I regularly log into The Knot dot com to go over the massive checklist they have about all the things I have to do before the wedding. It's like a mild form of torture that sometimes gives me panic attacks because ohmigodihaventfoundthecatereryetnorhaveidecidedonbridesmaidsdressesandtheweddingisgoingtobeacatastrophy.

Then I realize I am a nutjob and calm down.

Normally after Taylor says, "Evelyn you're being a nutjob calm down."

He's useful that boy.

Anyway, the point of this post is that The Knot dot com also has a handy dandy countdown with how many days you have left until your wedding. On Thursday we had 282 days left until our wedding. I informed Taylor of this and he decided we should do a countdown to our wedding day.

A countdown of cute random cheap fun little daily activities.

I have to admit its a pretty genius idea, except do you know how hard it is to come up with 282 daily activities???

However we are a super couple and we did it. 141 activities each we came up with. (I have to admit I duplicated a few.)

Then we made a Micheal's run and bought pretty paper and a scalloped square punch. (No Mom...I didn't use a coupon...) I punched out bajillions of squares, we wrote the activities on them, folded them up, and stuck them in a bowl.

So now we have something to do every single day before the wedding!

No, we are not going to post every single one on here, because thats a bit insane, but we'll keep you updated throughout the process.

Blurry bowl full of ideas.