Friday, January 13, 2012


So yes I am a tad bit late on the whole New Year's Resolutions thing. But it's cool, because I'm not really doing resolutions, instead I have a list of 24 things I want to do before I turn 24. Some of them are big things, most of them are silly things, but hopefully I get all of them done.

I mean I do have an entire year.

24 Before 24 List

  1. Get married - duh
  2. Get pin-up girl tattoo - Tay is going to design it! I'm super excited. Gonna be the coolest mom at the PTA
  3. Move into a house - Can we talk about how over landlords I am?
  4. Learn basic embroidery - Cuz I wanna be a well rounded housewife
  5. Master chocolate chip cookies - I swear I can never get them to bake up properly
  6. Keep a pretty fridge - I suppose I should start with cleaning it...
  7. Finish my book - Seriously, I have the whole plot, just have to write it!
  8. Do the DIYs I pin to pinterest - Otherwise whats the point in saving them?
  9. Learn to style my hair - Should possibly invest in a brush, and a curling iron
  10. Refinish vintage trunks - So they can actually be used as storage
  11. Sew t-shirt quilt - Or donate all the tshirts that no longer fit
  12. Write more letters - Who doesn't like receiving snail mail?
  13. Complete Lego Star Wars on the wii
  14. Maintain a daily journal - Mom bought me an awesome one for Christmas
  15. Take more pictures - With the awesome instax camera my parents gave me for Christmas and the digital one they gave me for my birthday last year. 
  16. Take "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" to heart - This will be hard
  17. Sew skirts and dresses - I have so many patterns and fabric already
  18. Learn to like a non starch vegetable - Tomatoes are a fruit and don't count
  19. Find some form of exercise
  20. Finish knitting the scarf I've had laying around for two years
  21. Put all the random ephemera I collect into a smash journal
  22. Start rental company with Mom - Yay for an excuse to live at estate sales and thrift stores
  23. Roadtrip with Taylor a few times
  24. Turn wardrobe completely into dresses and skirts - I feel so much more confident when I'm not in jeans
None of these are really asking too much right? I should easily be able to get all of this done on top of planning a wedding, going to work, and trying to sleep.