Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend had its major ups and downs. Saturday we attended a tree burning party. One of my mother's good friends hosts a party every year where she cooks tons of food, we drink vast amounts of alcohol, and then we burn all of the leftover christmas trees the guests brought with them.

What can be more fun that a massive fire?

However Saturday night while we were munching on bad junk food and watching bad super hero movies (a favorite past time of mine) my bottom lip and eyes swelled out of proportion. I felt a bit like a clown. I figure its just the hives that I've been struggling with since my Patient First visit on my birthday getting worse. However the constant doses of benedryl I have been taking didn't seem to make them go down so Sunday I went to Patient first yet again, missing brunch with Taylor's family. Which sucked majorly seeing as I love both Taylor's fam and brunch.

But I suppose an entire day of romance novels and bad movies isn't that bad of a trade off while I took double doses of benedryl and the occasional xanex. Especially since the clown face swelling went down.

On a high note the Giants won. WOOOOOO.