Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the season

Its the season alright. The season to be freakishly busy. Sorry for the complete lack of posts, its been a bit hectic around here trying to get ready for the Christmas party on Saturday and still make it to work and all the other holiday commitments we have. We popped by a few holiday parties on Friday, babysat on Saturday so Whitney and Jason could go to their holiday party, and helped mom with various tasks to get ready for this upcoming weekend. I've made buckets of toffee and hung up more paper stars than I can count.

Have a few instagram photos to make up for lack of posts. 

Tay did this in chalk on the chalkboard painted walls in the hallway bathroom at my parent's house. Hes got some awesome skillz.

We swung by a tacky light house on Saturday before going to babysit Becca and Joey. One year I'm going to make everyone go on a tacky light tour with me.

This is just adorable and no explanation is needed. 

I promise eventually there will be plenty of wedding talk, just let me get through the holidays first!