Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Presents Mega Post!

To echo what Ev said in her most recent post, we have been a little busy. Here's a rundown of the last bunch of days I missed!

Day 9 was this beautiful box of crayons to go along with my coloring book. I love the vintage tin! I stumbled upon this a few years back in doing research for a project, but had no idea they re-released it. This gift is the perfect illustration of "whats yours is mine" as seen in the photo below, when Ev started coloring in my book. I told her she wasnt allowed to solve the puzzles though.

Day 10 started the wardrobe additions. Ev knows I love the MadMen style, and this skinny tie fits perfectly into that aesthetic. Way better than the sort of navy blue/black skinny tie that I always complain about. This is actually the second skinny tie Ev has given me for Christmas, the other one she gave me about a month ago for a wedding we were going to! Both equally awesome.

Day 11 was wardrobe addition #2. Today was a delightfully soft and warm flannel shirt. Perfect for bundling up during the cold months. Funny thing about this shirt is when i uploaded the picture to instagram, our friend Jay just so happened to be wearing this exact shirt. Good thing we didn't run into each other, because I too put the shirt on that day.

Day 12 was a perfect addition to my bar collection. Going along with my love of Mad Men skinny ties, I've also developed quite an affinity to the booze drinks (in a responsible way, not in a Dom Draper booze hound sorta way). These "stag" drink stirrers are the perfect compliment to my whiskey rocks, when I don't feel like drinking strait booze. The deer head top goes perfect with my "Design Buck" moniker I routinely use.

And finally, day 13 (if you've made it this far) was a delightfully illustrated book called "All My Friends Are Dead". Ive seen the cover floating around for a while, (its hard for me to miss anything with dinosaurs on it) but I am yet to actually look at the book. It is a very cute story, despite the bit morbid name, and I love the illustration style! You can see some of it here.

I'll try to be quicker with these!


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