Thursday, December 8, 2011

6 7 8

Sorry for the lack of posts, I don't even have an excuse, i just forgot. I never forget to open the gifts though! The past few days make me think Ev might love me just for my rock-star cred. I better keep playing guitar, or i might be in trouble...

Day 6 was started with the Indie Rock coloring book! Little did Ev know that I once gave this to Becca for Christmas, and I've wanted one for myself ever since! Filled with indie rock inside jokes wrapped up in adorable black outlines and classic games. A gift for a child, only an adult could enjoy!Day 7 was a fun new instrument to play around with, Snoopy's harp. The harmonica did wonders to capture Ev's heart, maybe this instrument can do the same. I will say, haven't quite figured how to play it, but ill figure out how to serenade my love in no time! My bizarre instrument collection will always accept new members!

Today (day 8) was proof that Ev really just loves me for my rock star appeal. A collection of fake tattoos to make me appear way more tough and rock and roll than i actually am. A cheese grater tattoo on my wrist would really help my badass hipster cred!