Monday, December 5, 2011


So I had an entire post scheduled to go up today about what we did over the weekend, but an evening at the melting pot (while fabulous) pales in comparison to getting engaged.


Its super de duper de exciting. 

I was not expecting it AT ALL. I worked yesterday and we had a bonfire planned with Connor and my favorite Richmond couple - Kristel and Jay so when Taylor told me to come home right after work so he could give me a surprise before people got there I expected him to have made me dinner or something. I definitely wasn't expecting what he really had waiting. 

I got home and the front door was open and there was a sign on my apartment door saying "Welcome Home". In the hallway there were tea lights in mason jars lighting the way to another sign that told me to step into the living room. When I got in there there was a MASSIVE Christmas tree all lit up with lights and decorated in candy canes. He had also put lights around all of the door frames and there was a package under the tree addressed to me.

When I opened the package there was an empty chalkboard in there. I have to say I was a tad bit confused as to why he went through all of this trouble just to then give me a painted frame. But I didn't say anything, all ready to smile at him and say awww thanks baby. Before I could say anything though he took the chalkboard from me, wrote "Will you Marry Me" and went down on one knee. 

Kristel took this one!

I have never been more shocked in my life. Even reading it while he wrote it didn't make my brain grasp what was going on. It wasn't until Taylor said "Evelyn Anne Pratt will you marry me" that my brain caught up and I managed to choke out a "Are you kidding me??" Which was probably not the response he was waiting for. I'm telling you, I am a socially awkward child. 

However he eventually got the point that my answer was yes and we set about calling all of the important people and spent the rest of the evening making smores and drinking champagne. 

We're super super super excited and I think a tad bit in disbelief that this is actually happening. I know I keep checking my ring finger to make sure the ring is actually there. (Its his grandmother's ring and absolutely GORGEOUS. How awesome is that????)

This might possibly be the best Christmas ever!