Monday, December 5, 2011

Days 4 & 5

Well, yesterday was a little busy for me, so forgive me for again missing a day. If you haven't read the last post by Ev, your missing out on some wonderful news!

My wonderful fiancée (i enjoy saying that!) has filled my last two days with music, which i will always appreciate. The first one was something i had no idea even existed, a gift box from Turntable Kitchen. The website offers pairings boxes that include a limited run 7" vinyl including two songs they chose, themed recipes to enjoy with the music, and ingredients for the recipes! Cooking and Vinyl are two of my favorite things to pair. The box will be mailed to me from them, so now I have to patiently watch my mailbox for this months pairing, but Ev wrapped this very lovely note so I had something to open.

My gift from day 5 will be super handy when I am no where near my record player. Record players, despite being my favorite way to listen to music, just aren't that portable. The little guy below cranks out some pretty clear sounding songs, despite being only about 4 inches tall! Perfect for guerrilla music playlists.

This is looking like a pretty special Christmas for the two of us.