Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grand Illumimation

I've been living in Richmond now going on four years. Every year I think about going to the Grand Illumination downtown and every year I don't make it. This year I was determined to see them plug in the lights downtown. And I was dragging everyone with me whether they wanted to go or not.

We didn't make it on time due to tolls roads, Connor needing a bathroom break, and poor Richmond drivers.

But we still had fun and the lights were just as pretty ten minutes after they had been turned on as I'm sure they were seconds after being turned on.

Next year we'll make it.

Dad rented a mini-van cuz we're cool kids, we drank beers in the van as we navigated traffic, stopped and took pictures with the pretty lights, and ended the night eating delish burgers at Station 2. (Their alcoholic milk shakes are pretty damn good too.)

All in all a successful Friday evening. Full of Christmas spirit.