Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I'm really really really trying to be a bit more consistent about this whole blog thing.

Remember when I used to do weekend reviews? Yeah. This is that. Again. But, obviously, for this past weekend.

  • We got sushi to go from Sticky Togogo! 4 different rolls, sticky balls, and tots = a winning way to start the weekend. 
  • Tay seeded the front yard. Its a dirt patch right now, so any grass is better than no grass. He also redid the slate pathway so it looks a little less thrown together.  
  • Taylor and I both found birds nests. Taylor is watching the one on the left being built on the side of our house and the one on the right is located at a house my parents just bought. 

  • We met some of our neighbors and joined them for a bonfire. They have chickens in their backyard and four dogs and were the nicest people ever.
  • I pulled out my embroidery supplies again, the warm weather is perfect for porch sitting and attempting to be creative/homemakery.
  • As you saw yesterday I added to my awesome collection of dead people's stuff at the estate sales. 
  • Tay and Dad drank too much at the local Irish bar. Mom and I ate cheesecake and then drove them home. 
  • Tay fixed the door to the cat/storage room to make it look more streamlined and pretty. I wish I had gotten a before picture of it to show! Basically he put in punched tin to replace the ugly vent cover up top, and framed out the bottom "cat door" to make it look more finished.

  • I paid all of our bills and cleaned the kitchen...which makes me sound almost as productive as Tay. I also worked on Sunday! (Tay as a rule, is far more productive than I am.)
  • We ended the weekend with a trip to Sonic. Cuz for reals this lady was craving a corn dog. SO GOOD. (So NOT healthy)

So there you have it. Our weekend. Typed up for you. Out of love. What did you do?

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