Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thrifty Finds

As most of you know, I love love love me some estate sale-ing. Mom is my partner in crime and we can find some ADORABLE stuff. While we normally go on Sunday (50% off) this weekend I am working today, so naturally we decided that 25% was sufficient. And I'm glad we went because otherwise I would have missed a chance to add to my knick knack collection for my children to sell in an estate sale when I die.

Mom picked up these adorable poodles. The white one is a lipstick holder! Vintage kitschy poodles are kind of her thing, so it was awesome to grab these for next to nothing.

The glass owl cup replaces one Connor gave me a few years ago for Christmas. Moo was a cow and pushed it off the counter when we moved into the house. It was exciting to find another one, for a buck! The coat was another steal at only 12 dollars, its adorable and vintage and fits perfectly and FUR! The cat was just cute. Who doesn't want a pink cat?

The rest of our day was spent perusing goodwills and consignment shops (we picked up a few clothes that I didn't get a picture of) until we had to go pick up Taylor and Dad from the bar since they had consumed one too many pitchers of beer.

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