Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revisiting 25 before 25

Time to reevaluate the things to do before I turn 25 list!

Are you all super over this list by now?

Unfortunately for you its my blog so you don't really get a choice in what I post... And I gotta keep looking it over, otherwise I'll never get it all done!

Move into a house - We did this! We are now card carrying mortgage paying adults. Look at us having panic attacks over here.
Plan one free date night a month - We had a free date in January, and in February...but I don't think we did in March...or April...I'll keep working on it.
Commit to the ink - This isn't going to happen this year. Pregnant and poor and all that.
Make 12 different ice cream flavors - Its warm! Time to get the ice cream maker out! I'm going to make this happen next month. Fo Sho
Compile important dates and addresses - I made a google calendar with important dates, you're probably on there, I'm still probably going to forget to mail you a card for your birthday.
Finish that damn scarf - Gah, this thing will be the death of me.
Organize all of my digital pictures - I've been looking into both snapfish and dropbox. Eventually I'll get it all sorted. The awesome thing for you all is as I go through it all I find gems to post for you.
Meal planning and grocery shopping - Oooo! I attempted this! I then made only one of the meals I planned and shopped for for the week. I suck.
Get out of credit card debt - Done, and staying out of it. Now we're attempting to pay off the car before we get another one. Monies, always stressing people out.
Take the dogs for a walk once a week - We no longer have a sidewalk/place to walk them, plus I am lazy. But I should really get on this, Pumpkin is super fat.
Garden - I planted mint! Now I've got to keep it alive. I also have seeds to plant, I should just go stick them in the backyard and hope they grow.
Spend all of the gift cards I have - Spent the Gap one, and the homegoods one, and made inroads on the anthro ones and the williams-sonoma ones, spent the water grill one - soon I will SPEND THEM ALL!
Foster a rescue animal - Errr, this isn't going to happen this year either.
Make bucketloads of teacup bracelets - I might have forgotten about this, and I might be super excited for it now.
Go to a VMFA exhibit - We went to Chihuly, and I have plans to go to a few more!
Develop a morning routine - We stopped free feeding the dogs and Gidge wont eat unless you sit with her, which has sort of developed into a morning routine...
Throw a party - We're planning a housewarming brunch, it shall be glorious
Learn to make some cute origami shapes - Fun with folded paper!
Start a book club - I started this, and then stopped, because there was a lot of crap going on...
Go for a train ride - This will happen.
Frame all of our prints - In the process of doing this right now.
Refinish all of the secondhand furniture we have - We painted the china cabinet, just the hoosier, the record cabinet, the telephone table, and the mini piano to go.
Make marshmallows - I forgot about this...its more of a winter thing
Leave cute notes around town - Cuz who wouldn't want to find a cheerful note?
Get preggerz - Yay baby being built right now!!

So, in conclusion, 5 down, 2 not going to be happening, that leaves 18 I still need to do.

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