Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guys! Waste some time with me!

I am the queen of finding time sucks. I can easily spend an hour hopping from random person's pictures to random person's pictures on instagram. I have nine thousand blogs that I follow regularly. There are multiple webcomics that I read. I get addicted to iphone games that really have no end point. And now I have random online magazines made by people I don't know but that are AWESOME. So AWESOME I will share them with you. (And at the same time ease my guilt that I never ever blog anymore. Our Thanksgiving was lovely by the way how was yours?)

I would eat any of those things. How cute is the nutella bear???

This movie was adorable, I want to live in it.

This show is AMAZING. I highly recommend it. To everyone.

CATS! JUST BECAUSE! Almost as awesome as this.

I'll leave you with that one. You're totally welcome.

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