Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blog Additions

So yes, we've been a bit MIA on the whole blog thing. Oops. However, at least you've had some pictures of the zoo to tide you over eh?

Sorry, we've been a tad busy. There's the whole "lets reupholster sixteen different pieces of furniture for the wedding!" thing. And the whole "I need to pick up more babysitting gigs so that I stop having crazy baby fever!" thing. And the whole "Dude, we should totally try to record our own demo's!" thing. Plus the whole "I think we should probably go to work to be able to afford our bills!" thing.

As you can see, lots of things going on. However! We haven't completely forgotten you all. For example there are now additional pages at the top of the blog that you can go read. One is a completely ridiculous FAQ that we may have written while a tad bit drunk. The other is a link to the daily heart-a-grams Taylor has taken to sending me. They're pretty cute. There's also a link to the wedding website. Which links back to here, because I love me some crazy linkage.

So go, stalk, I promise to try and update more.

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