Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I do believe this weekend gets the prize for being the most productive weekend ever. At least as far as productivity applies to Taylor and I. Highlights include:

Taylor's apartment getting packed up

Driving Connor's pick-em-up to get furniture to the storage unit

Having our first fight about something important and then getting over it

Finding a goldmine of dishes at the Goodwill (best haul I've had at one time yet!)

Peeling off stickers and washing all of the dishes that have been accumulating

Meeting with the rental company to book our tents

Finishing all of the major parts of the wedding party invites

 Putting together  and mailing all of the wedding party invites

The first snow of the season! Sadly, it didn't stick

We still have a bit to do as far as finishing moving Taylor out, but all of the main things are packed and accounted for. Getting the wedding party invites finished and out was a major accomplishment, and one I am so glad we have all finished so that I can now focus on the next big wedding craft. Like sewing burlap runners, or reupholstering a couch, or one of the other nine million things we have to do. Busy busy bees.