Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mail Call

Can we talk about snail mail for a hot second?

I love the USPS, and I LOVE sending and receiving things through the mail. I used to send things constantly in college, and then took a bit of a break when I went through my pretend to be a grown up and make stupid decisions phase. But now I'm mostly out of that phase, and I pay bills - with a checkbook - through the mail. I also send a lot of thank you notes now, because I'm engaged and you lovely people keep sending us things. It makes me feel old, (because I'm engaged and paying bills with checks) but it also made me remember how awesome it is to stick a stamp on something, put it out for the mysterious postman to pick up, and wait for whoever you sent it to to get it.

I've been sending my mom vintage horse post cards with random quotes on them, I've been writing letters to Tay's grandma, we sent out a few post cards from Kentucky, and of course I mail my bills and thank you cards. Its fun, and it feels kind of old fashiony and quaint in this age of blogs, emails, and text messages.

Of course the best part is that you get things back in the mail. Now on top of the few awesome magazines I subscribe to, the monthly birchbox shipments I get, and the bills, I get lovely reply cards and letters.

Its awesome if I do say so myself.

So along with my other 24 before 24 goals, I plan to make way more of an effort as far as writing letters and sending cute notes goes. I might even replace a goal with that goal. (Probably the finish knitting a scarf goal...that poor scarf keeps staring at me accusingly and its starting to make me feel bad about myself. So if I pretend its not there all will be well again.)

Sorry to be totally random, but today was a good mail day, and I'm bored waiting for Taylor to come home so I can make dinner. Therefore you all get random blog posts.

Also, feel free to mail us stuff. I'll mail you things back, promise.