Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guys! Reality Game Shows!

Ummm can we talk about how much Tay and I are loving the Bachelor, Joe Schmo, and King of the Nerds??!?! (Tay may not be as thrilled about the Bachelor...)

Everyone knows the premise of the Bachelor. Honestly there are too many catty women right now, but the show is just so ridiculous I can't not watch it.

The Joe Schmo show is basically a giant hoax where they are trying to convince this guy that hes on a real game show competing to become a bounty hunter. Its amazing all the crap they do that he just believes is real. Its AWESOME.

Guys, they say things like nerdgasm. And they say it in all seriousness. If you need something to make you feel incredibly normal in both the thank god I'm sane way and the holy crap I can't do math like that way then you should watch King of the Nerds.

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