Friday, December 14, 2012

Sean's Birthday!

Two of my favorite people turned 24 on December 8th, both of them were in my bridal party. Sadly Jenny lives too far away for us to celebrate together, so she had to be content with an off key rendition of Happy Birthday on her voicemail from me. Sean however lived up by Old Town Alexandria, so we could visit him, and visit him we did!

We seem to know more people in Alexandria than we do in Richmond, so there was quite a group of awesome people out to celebrate his birthday. Sean was obviously there, along with his girlfriend Bridget. Will came out, as did Jori. Chrystal was there. And Mike and Nicole joined too! I kind of love how friends from all parts of both Taylor and my lives have become friends with each other as well. 

We went to an awesome cheese shop called La Fromagerie where we consumed far too much wine and cheese, all of which was delicious. Also, oh my god the mac and cheese!! 

The cat mask, for the record, came from the birthday card we gave Sean. It is supposed to make him irresistible to girls. Not that he needs to be, since he already has Bridge!

We stopped by an awesome coffee/gelato shop after that called Killer ESP which is adorably trendy and everyone working there was so friendly! Also, the salted caramel latte is delish. 

Chrystal and I posed with some random adorable dog and then under Christmas lights. 

Then we wandered into a restaurant/bar called The Light Horse where we spent the rest of the evening chatting and drinking a bit. 

For the record in northern Virginia they really don't like it when you still have a vertical ID. Mines valid until like 2014 though, and I'll be damned if a grumpy bartender is going to make me get a new one with a picture where I'm not allowed to smile before I have to.   

All in all it was a lovely evening, and I am glad Sean gave us an excuse to visit and have a good time. 

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