Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Political Process

Did you all vote yesterday??? It was my first time voting in an election! Last presidential election I was out of state and didn't get an absentee ballot, and the time before that I wasn't old enough.

It was actually kind of cool. I voted in an elementary school at six thirty in the morning and it was funny seeing all of these older people dressed up in work clothes lined up in hallways decorated with smiley faces and covers from children's books. The only downside was the man two people in front of me who reeked of cat pee and made me paranoid the whole time that it was me who smelled. (One time I went to middle school with a lunch box that a cat had peed on and it scarred me for life.)

I am always amazed by how intense people get about politics, its not really my thing (worst political science major EVER), but I do have to admit to being a little bit proud that my vote was added in to make my opinion heard.

I'm sure most, if not all, of you have voted before, but I hope you got that little thrill like I did after you added your vote to the mix.

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