Friday, September 14, 2012

What We've Been Up To - Part 3

Continuing on with updating you on the awesome things we have managed to pack into the past few months I will now share our relatively recent trip to Mooresville with you. We went to visit Taylor's grandmother Barbara and we managed to pack a lot into the weekend. Most of it revolving around food!

We drove up on a Friday after getting off of work, so we got in fairly late and pretty much just went to bed. Saturday we spent doing all sorts of awesome things!

We went to downtown Mooresville which is adorably cute! They have this super old hardware store that still have the vibe of the small town mom and pop hardware store. It was also decorated with pictures of John Wayne. I love The Duke.

The downtown had lots of character, from the racing walk of fame to the adorable murals painted on the side of one of the restaurants.

We walked around for a bit, got rained on, and ducked into an antique mall. I picked up a flower frog and a small elephant statue. Barbara says that since the statue has its trunk up its good luck. It was a pretty good antique mall, there was an adorable embroidered apron in the store that I am seriously regretting not picking up.

After that we popped over to Big League Hot Dogs for some pretty delicious hot dogs and sweet potato fries. Taylor and I love hotdogs so we were pretty exited. The shop was decorated with baseball paraphernalia, and they had a Richmond Flying Squirrels pennant up which was pretty cool.

After that we headed out of town a ways to meet up with Tay's Aunt Carol and Uncle Nick and cousins Mark and Jody and their little girl Graceyn. It was her birthday so we had some food and chatted before she (well really Jody) got to open gifts and eat a cupcake.

We headed home for a  quick nap before heading out for dinner at an upscale mexican restaurant called Prickly Pear. (Told you we based most of the day around food.) The restaurant was right on the water and the food was delicious, I highly recommend the scallops.

Sunday was spent with waffles and chatting and reprogramming phones and computers before we had to pack up and head home. Taylor and I left with far more than we arrived with as Barbara gave us an awesome croquet set as an engagement gift as well as gifting me a gorgeous cameo brooch that was hers.

There is very little I love more than a pretty cameo! 

Taylor and I had a blast visiting his grandma, and hopefully we can do it again next year!

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