Friday, September 28, 2012

I don't have the will to blog

Which I'm sure makes me a bad person.

But seriously my days go like this - drag myself out of bed, go to moms and attempt to be helpful in the wedding crafting, realize I suck at crafting and feel guilty/in the way, go to work, go back to moms and repeat the being useless game, go home to an apartment that I don't keep clean and a fiance who's waaaay more productive than me, get hives, take benedryl and go to sleep.

I'm just not good at crafting/creating/cutting in a straight line guys. Or cleaning for that matter. Apparently I am not good at anything that starts with a C.

Realizing this has put me in a perpetually bad mood which means I don't feel like writing peppy LOOK HOW AWESOME WE ARE posts.

And I know we are pretty awesome, and we have awesome people in our lives who have done a lot of awesome things for us lately, and all of that deserves blog posts.

But seriously, I just want to eat all of the M&Ms that we bought for the welcome bags.

Which means I'm probably not going to fit in my dress tomorrow at my fitting.

Spiral of despair.

On the upside, Mom and Tay are amazeballs and the wedding will be brilliant no matter how in the way I am! AND I can now tell without looking what color M&M I am eating.

That's not a skill to scoff at.

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