Monday, July 2, 2012

Changes afoot

The other day Taylor's best man casually dropped into conversation that he pseudo randomly reads the blog (hi Will!) which gave me a mild panic attack because up till now I just kind of figured that the only people who read it were our parents and grandparents (hi guys!)

While neither Tay nor I have any interest in making this some sort of proper blog, we are going to make a bit more of an effort as far as posts go. Those who were related to us had to love us and our blog even if all they got for a month were instagram photos of the zoo. The rest of you are under no such obligation, and if you're taking the time to read this drivel then we're going to take the time to make it a tad bit more interesting. 

So keep an eye out this month, we're going to try and update the overall look of the blog, start a few regular features, and use real photos rather than instagram photos as much as possible. 

I'm actually looking forward to it! And I'm forcing Tay to do the same. Don't expect a massive overhaul though, its still a blog about us, and we still spend most of our time with the zoo and debating how we are like old people. 

And drinking, we do a lot of that too. 

P.S. You can always leave us a comment if'n you'd like! 

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