Thursday, June 21, 2012

Early Packing

Once a plan of action is decided upon I tend to be very impatient about getting to the end of said plan. For example, we have decided we are moving out of our apartment when the lease expired on August 31st. So naturally I have already started packing. We aren't even entirely sure where we are moving to yet, but already I have all of our knick-knacks packed up, as well as all of our extra dishes, an entire closet, and all of the artwork taken down.

My argument is that what with all the wedding planning/crafts taking up a lot of my time, work being what it is, and all of the awesome wedding related events coming up I need to pack when I have free time.

But really its just because I am impatient and my silly mind has decided if I pack now then the move out date might not seem to far away. Thankfully Tay loves me, because I am sure I seem like a nutjob. (Plus the apartment is always in a state of upheaval.)

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