Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Highlights

In list format as per usual

Dinner at Plaza Azteca which was delish. Taylor had a marg with a corona in it. I had an allergic reaction and my lip swelled up. 

Sweet Frog. Twice. Ran into the family I babysit/dogsit for. Changed up my froyo the second time, not as good.

Had dinner at PF Changs with Mom and Dad. 

Taylor designed me AWESOME notecards. If you're lucky I'll send you one. 

Taylor started to make a house for the hedgepig...its bigger than the dog crate...that both dogs go in. 

Brunch at lamplighter. I love me some coffee and grilled cheese. And hipster congregations. 

Moved furniture around between the apartment and the storage unit. 

Went to look at a house we might buy. Felt old. Its on a culdesac. 

Went estatesaleing with mom. Found buckets of glassware for the wedding. 

Hope you all had fantastic weekends too!

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