Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Bejeebus We've Been Busy

And yet I really can't tell you what we've accomplished.

Mostly I just send harassing emails to people asking for pictures, addresses, layouts, confirmations of time, so on and so forth.  I am very passive aggressive as I never actually call anyone to harass them, just email.

Taylor has had a show this week though! And I got my eyes checked! And we took our engagement pictures! And I had my make-up trial!

Whatcha think?

Plus we have obtained and formatted pretty much everyone's addresses for the save the dates. Look at us go! Tonight we are printing envelopes and putting together as many as we possibly can. I am DETERMINED to get them out as soon as possible. And by that I mean by tomorrow.

Because meeting self imposed deadlines is important. 

Also, I basically have the wedding website done. As soon as I get those pictures from the people I am harassing by email and Taylor writes up his blurbs we will be all set.

Can we talk about how excited I am to have that accomplished? Writing it has had me alternately feeling awesome and wanting to rip my hair out. Talking about yourself a lot and in third person is WEIRD.

P.s. We just bought these for us to use at the wedding. How AWESOME are they? And how PERFECT for the wedding logo we have going on?