Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We went cake tasting last Wednesday. I love me some cake, so my thought process was pretty much YAY FREE CAKE TO TASTE, plus I was pretty excited to check another thing off my list of things to accomplish before the wedding.

We went with The Mixing Bowl Bakery for our cake as it was one of the only ones we could find that would do a swiss meringue buttercream for us. (That sugar butter crap most people consider buttercream is NOT a proper icing. Its seven minute frosting and its basically glue made from sugar.)

We tasted a few different flavors of pound cake (mmm pound cake) with different combinations of fillings and icings.  We settled on the marbled pound cake (second from the left in the picture) with swiss meringue frosting. That's it. No fillings, no alternating cake layers, no ridiculousness. Just plain simple deliciousness.

Though that didn't stop us from trying all of the rest of it until it was gone.

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