Monday, March 19, 2012

Lists I Make

I make a lot of lists. Most of them are practical lists like what we need to pick up at Target or what needs to get done for the wedding or how we should organize the massive cleaning of the apartment or which bills are due when.

But a lot of them aren't practical at all. And involve things like what I would plant if I owned a house or which names are perfect for babies or which ingredients sound like perfect waffle ingredients. And I write these down in journals or email them to Taylor or make notes on my phone.

I have lists EVERYWHERE. One day I am going to compile them all into one massive journal because I think future me would appreciate that.

By the way I am totally planting honeysuckle (even if it is a weed), Imogene Pearl is a current favorite female name combination, and I think the world needs some coconut raspberry waffles.