Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life in Pictures

Sorry I've sucked with updating! Here's our life in pictures!

Whitney had a birthday. Taylor and I got her a gift certificate to Lucky 13, and Tay is working on her tattoo design. We celebrated at Capital Ale and with ice cream cake afterwards. If there are things I love they definitely include expensive beer, ice cream, making tattoo dates, and chasing around little chubby toddlers. So here's hoping Whit enjoyed her birthday as much as I did!

Taylor and I went to see the band that his birthday gift tickets allowed us entry to. I enjoyed dressing up like a hipster and wearing bright pink over 21 bracelets. It wasn't that long ago that I was rocking X's on my hands.

The weather is still playing games, the other day it was FREEZING, but mostly its warm, and we have pretty flowering things going on.

I have been babysitting a fashionista who wears dress up shoes to Chick-fil-a and sweet frog, eating peach rings, and rocking out the couponing with Mom.


Taylor has been super busy filming commercials. Hes so awesome.

So there you have it! What we haven't done is clean the apartment, eat properly, or accomplish anything wedding DIY related. But you know...there's always time for that...somewhere this week, or next week...