Monday, March 12, 2012

A Belated Birthday Post

Sooooo yes, this is really really late, but in my defense I was on a lot of drugs when Taylor's birthday rolled around.

Still, I managed to pull of a fairly awesome celebration for him. Because I love him, and I am awesome...but mostly because I love him.

He got a sweet set of gifts that were artfully arranged by my mother. I told her I was going to claim credit for them, but lets face it, its amazing I managed to make a cake with all the drugs I was'd never believe I managed organizing things well too.

Taylor's gifts had an alcohol theme to them. Because who doesn't like alcohol? The awesome bar cart and globe that opens to allow you to keep glasses and an ice bucket in it were from me and some pretty awesome finds I believe they were. I also got him a song map and two tickets to go see The Head and The Heart . There were also thirteen button ups. My parents gave him the ice bucket and the vintage scotch bottle and a bottle of booze that is not scotch. Spoiled boy.

He had requested a peanut butter cake, which is really not an easy thing to find a recipe for but I did it! Yellow cake with creamy peanut butter filling and a lindt chocolate buttercream frosting. Divine! I had to borrow eggs from my parents neighbors though as I kept dropping the ones I had. Oops.

The candles were trick candles. The best kind. They were also pink.

So here's to Taylor almost being done with his 20's!

<3 <3 <3