Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Trip In Pictures

Lousiville was a lovely break from the normal, though I am so glad to be back. There is something fantastic about being home. Plus, life is cheaper here.

Have some pictures. 

Friday night we went to a street full of restaurants called Fourth Street Live and met up with Taylor's friend Andrew. We ate at Makers Mark Bourbon Lounge which was very yummy. The spinach salad and the creme brulee were delish. We then went to a bar, where a few too many drinks were consumed. But a good time was had by all. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent exploring Lousiville. We bought an awesome picnic basket at an antique store and went to the Lousiville Slugger factory and Churchill downs. We also got pie. And ice cream. I love pie and ice cream. 

We met up with a friend I knew from middle school on Saturday night and went to eat dinner at Bluegrass Brewing Company. I do not recommend their spinach salad or their raspberry meade. However, the company was AWESOME. I hadn't seen her in five years, so it was super fun to catch up. We went to Andrew's for dinner on Sunday, while we watched the Giants win the Superbowl. Taylor was pretty freaking excited about that.

There was a ton of random artwork all over Lousiville too and an awesome alley name. Don't worry I took pictures of those too.

Overall a pretty good time. I apologize if these pictures line up in funny ways on the actual post...I cannot get Blogger to cooperate with me today.