Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am very spoiled

Valentine's Day was absolutely lovely yesterday. And I have nine bajillion iPhone pictures to share with you. I know, I know, you're super excited.

Taylor and I both felt the need to tell each other that Valentine's day was not exactly how we had it planned. We were so busy over the weekend and yesterday that we didn't have time to do all of the nine bajillion ideas we wanted to do, but I still think that our thrown together efforts are better than most people's full efforts.

So here is a picture tour of our first Valentine's Day together.

My morning started off with a lovely breakfast in bed and an adorable card.  Taylor's started off with him making me breakfast and walking the dogs.

This was followed by us going to work. Taylor was there until his usual 5:30. I was there until 1 after which I ran errands and rushed back home to put together my Valentine's Day Decor.

I ran around like a chicken with her head cut off, wasted an hour cutting out craft paper hearts that I ended up hating, but eventually threw together a pretty decent set up.

 I stole some of mom's milk glass for roses that I picked up for hella cheap at Trader Joe's. Decorated some place mats and set the table with some of the dishes we have been collecting. Made a makeshift kind of table runner and set up a gift table. Over all not fantastically impressive, but definitely cute.

Mine was pink, his was red. If you look closely you can see a cat on a chair in the table picture. 

He added his presents to the gift table later, they were all cutely wrapped in pink tissue paper. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any pictures of them. :-(

When Taylor FINALLY arrived home I had just put the finishing touches on the set up, and myself (lip gloss and straight hair), and had started getting my appetizer and my dessert prepped. 

We both made appetizers, obviously it was a facet that we both thought the other would overlook. Fortunately I am never one to turn down food. 

I put out cheese, because I love me some cheese, also because I can't cook. The brie is St Andre, quite possibly my favorite cheese of all time. There is also a cave aged gouda, and a basic cheddar. Cheese should always come in at least sets of three.

Taylor however CAN cook, and he made DELICIOUS scallops on french bread with goat cheese. Seriously, these were heaven. He could have made just these for dinner and I would have been happy.

But he didn't, he instead spent a goodly amount of time in the kitchen making the entire house smell divine while I drank a large quantity of white wine. He ended up impressing me with salmon in a maple bourbon glaze baked on a cedar plank, accompanied by mashed potatoes and asparagus and mushrooms. Seriously, so good. 

We then took a break from eating, because I was stuffed, and opened presents! I have to admit Taylor fully outdid me. I was completely spoiled. Gidget and Pumpkin each got me a card and a gift. Something edible, and something that will last a lifetime.

And Taylor got me sparklers and a weekend getaway to Charleston South Carolina in August. We're staying here. I am beyond excited. We're also going to swing by and visit his grandmother on our way out there. I cannot wait to plan what we are going to do there. My parents just went, so I will have to ask them what they recommend. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to share. 

We played with the sparklers outside before I started dessert. Because I enjoy setting things on fire. 

 They were in the shapes of stars!!!!

Dessert was a classic Valentine's Day favorite. Chocolate fondue. Made with milk chocolate and french caramel and flambeed with rum. Told you I like setting things on fire! Served with fresh fruit, shortbread, and cheesecake. Over the top, and delish.

We of course finished with champagne. The same one we had when we got engaged and on New Years Eve. We like tradition. 

Hope you all had fantastic Valentine's Days as well! We're off to see the Lion King tonight. Its like this week keeps getting better.