Thursday, February 2, 2012

Evelyn Has A Fancy iPhone

The merging of two lives seems to constantly have new things to deal with. We have two apartments, nine million animals, more stuff than we know what to do with, and social lives that require a lot of calendar work. (Well his social life really...I don't like people.)

However, I have discovered there are definite perks. I now have two kitchenaide mixers at my disposal. There is someone to buy all of the groceries. (Food is expensive!) Then there is someone to cook the food that they bought. (I do the dishes, I am not completely useless.) Also, when it is decided that having two different phone companies is silly I get a pretty pretty new iPhone.

Which means I don't have to steal Taylor's to use instagram, which also means you get BAJILLIONS of pictures of things you just don't care about.

See, when I luck out YOU luck out.  You're excited right? I know you are.

Here's a sneak peek work style - 

 And home style -

Yeah, I know, I'm a natural with the instagramming. And the making-up-of-wordsing.

Also...yes, we eat like alcoholic five year olds. And yes, apparently Evelyn is very hard to spell.