Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas

Here's to hoping you all had FANTASTIC holidays! Ours was lovely, though I am slightly glad it is over now. Holiday's can be exhausting!

Friday Tay and I went to see the lights at Lewis Ginter and then he made a delicious dinner. It was out personal Christmas Eve. Saturday we opened our gifts and stockings to each other, I have to say we are both awesome gift givers. His big gift was a digital camcorder that records in like old fashioned cameras used to. He got me a pair of hunter boots as my main gift. I was super excited and LOVE them. Then we each did family dinners before his parents came over to meet my parents. Fun family time! There was champagne involved.

Christmas we spent with our respective families, though I went over to Whitney's for a bit to admire Becca and Joey's new train table and to open awesome gifts from his family. I was quite spoiled this year.

Overall it was pretty awesome, full of family and food and wrapping paper.

We're headed to New York this weekend for New Years Eve. Should be quite exciting!