Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hipster Cred

Tay brought his record player over to my apartment the other day. He bought me two records for Christmas this year in an attempt to get me to be interested in his hobbies. It was super sweet and I was impressed that he managed to find artists that I liked but that he could also appreciate. (He's not a huge top 40's fan like I am.)

I have to admit I really don't understand how vinyl is all that amazing. It sounds pretty much the same to me, except it skips if you walk next to the bookshelf the player is sitting on... However I do understand that there is probably a difference that I really have no ability to appreciate because all I really need music to do is make me bounce. :-P

That said I felt pretty cool when I started playing Caitlin Rose this morning while making a cup of tea. He's going to make me a very trendy little hipster girl.

As a bonus on this post you get two music videos! Don't you feel special!!!!