Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Mega Present Post

Here comes another present post coming at you. Its been an eventful week filled with parties, gigs and cat moving, but we are getting set to settle in for Christmas! Well here we go!

Day 14: This starts the "See, I do listen to what you tell me!" section of Ev's gifts to me, filled with random stories I told her, or random things I told her I liked. This mug rules. It will make me happy every time I drink my morning coffee out of it, and a shark attacks me. I don't remember this, but supposedly I sent this to Ev and she bought it on the spot. I desperately needed mugs too, I currently have 1 good one, and thats at work.

On Day 15 I opened this delightful 3-D drawing pad. You draw on the special pad, put on some 3-D glasses, and watch images come to life. I have not given it a try yet, but I'm stoked to have my mind blown by my doodles of dinosaurs and monsters.

Day 16 was a gift that Evelyn remembered from my "Tales of Recording with Punch Button". When we were in the studio, in-between takes, we got a little bored. We were entertained by Pedro's (who recorded us) pick punch, cutting out guitar picks out of whatever random stuff we had in our wallets. Its basically a giant hole punch that allows you to make guitar picks out of any piece of plastic. Finally a use for all those random fake credit card's and membership cards you get. A very cool gadget!

Day 17 was what Ev called a filler gift, thought I love it all the same! Check out this awesome dinosaur! My favorite, the brontosaurus. Don't you dare tell me that the brontosaurus isn't a dinosaur anymore, I refuse to give up on my childhood favorite.

Day 18 was a wrapped magazine, my FAVORITE magazine. Ive been in love with GOOD magazine for a while, especially their info graphics, but i can never find it anywhere. Well now I will get it delivered directly to me! 

For Day 19, Ev attempted to go to Sam Ash to pick out a lovely present for me. Once there, realize that she had NO idea what to possibly get me from there. Now I am the owner of a gift card to go get whatever my heart desires. There is always something I can use from there! (sorry no picture)

Day 20 was the largest gift under the tree, and by default the one I was most interested in. After opening, and a moment of confusion, I discovered that it was a critter cabin for the menagerie of pets we have! The cats didn't even wait for it to finish being constructed before they started exploring inside. Ev found this (from her home country Canada) and decided that she wanted, and by default, I wanted it to. It is quite a funny addition to our home, plus, there is a super cool moose head mounted on the front!

I opened day 21 last night, and 22 this morning, but have not yet taken photos. Ill add a new post tomorrow with days 21-23. The days are dwindling, and Ev has said she saved the best for last! All of my presents for her are now wrapped and under the tree for her to stare at and wonder. I think I'll make her do a massive blog post of all of her presents too!