Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Dinner with Mom and Dad at Avalon. Lots of food, lots of alcomohol, lots of laughing. 
Christmas Shopping!!!! Yes indeedy we are way ahead of schedule. And we buy awesome gifts.
Redbox rentals. Life as We Know It is suitably chickflicky and cute. Cars 2 is full of Mater.
Dad won 6th place in his fencing tourney. (Tay didn't tag along to this.)
Saturday morning croissants from Can Can - which is how every weekend should start.
Lots of laundry. (Me)
Lots of song composing. (Taylor)
Lots of sleeping in. (Both of us)

We didn't take any pictures of any of this...cuz I forgot have one of Tay and Pumpkin. 

Hope everyone's getting excited for Thanksgiving!!!!